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My name is Philippe Docourt. I discovered programming as an autodidact, completely by chance, about 20 years ago. I liked it so much that I changed my course of study from civil engineering to computer engineering!

Over the years I have discovered and practiced software development with different languages ​​and frameworks. I have worked a lot with Qt/C++, .NET/C# and Django/Python.

Alongside software development, I have developed in recent years an increasing interest in development methodologies and tools, the implementation of continuous integration systems, and DevOps aspects in general.

In order to discover, test, and use different tools and languages, I had to develop skills in system administration, mainly under Linux and OS X. I was led, for example, to deploy web servers and version control systems, automate the deployment of development tools, manage the deployment of development (or test) environments with virtual machines, or deploy web applications with Docker. Along the way I was forced to familiarize myself, then appreciate and "master" the scripting languages Batch and Bash.

From 2010 to 2017, I worked for the French group Missler Software - editor of a CAD/CAM/ERP software solution named TopSolid - as technical and administrative manager of its subsidiary established in Switzerland. I am currently in charge of a team that carries out development tasks on behalf of TopSolid (formerly Missler Software).

On the sidelines of my main occupation, I am the author of the various projects presented on this site (as well as many other that did not get far enough to be worth being presented). This allows me to continue to explore new technologies and tools.